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1. What is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... are server-side, but some, such as JavaScript, are client-side, which means they run on the visitor’s web browser. Server-side languages give you more flexibility as they can do many things that are ...

...aj tekst pridružite odredjeni CSS class. Primjeri Slijedi screenshot sa primjerom kako to izgleda u browseru. Primjetite kako na mjestu upitnika nedostaje tekst koji se u primjeru ispod normaln...

3. Kratka (shorthand) sintaksa CSS svojstva
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...ene nazive. Važno je znati da te infomormacije nisu u potpunosti točne, budući se kompatibilnost browsera prema W3C standardu HTML koda mijenja iz dana u dan. Osnovna struktura CSS-a ...

4. Zaobljeni obrubi sa sjenom u CSS-u
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...ight. The height doesn’t matter, but make it at least a few pixels tall to reduce the number of times the browser needs to repeat it vertically. The CSS affected is the following, with the meas...

5. CSS Shorthand Guide
...x, you may need to pay a little more close attention when you’re styling elements that come with default browser styles like <h1> - <h6> or <strong> and <em>. For example, s...

6. Add url to Favorites / Bookmarks
Most web browsers like Firefox (Ctrl+D), Opera (Ctrl+T) and IE (Ctrl+D) provide keyboard shortcuts to enable users bookmark their favorite pages. But not every visitor is a power user, so for t

7. Glossary of Technical Terms
...s cross-platform compatible and can be embedded in the HTML of a web page. Web browsers, which are usually equipped with Java virtual machines, ...

8. Detecting a particular browser
Our next example shows you how to detect a particular browser. As mentioned earlier, this is useful because you could have a page that supports JavaScript for only Netscape 3.0, the

9. Displaying page update information
(Development/JavaScripts)</TITLE><BODY bgcolor=ffffff><script language="JavaScript"><!--hide script from old browsersdocument.write("<h2>This page has been updated: " +document.lastModified + "&lt...

10. PHP - Playing With Strings
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...ings none of those thing happen. Take a look at the example below to see what I mean. Note that browsers don't print newline characters ( \r and \n ) so when you open string.php take ...

11. Opening & Ending PHP Tags
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... ?> </body> </html> To view the result start Apache then open your browser and go to http://localhost/hello.php or ...

12. Installing Apache PHP and MySQL
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...ete the installation process. To see if you Apache installation was successful open up you browser and type http://localhost in the address bar. You should see some...

13. RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...koliko koristite Mozillu Firefox ili Operu novije verzije, već imate RSS čitač jer ta dva browsera već imaju u sebi integriran RSS čitač. Mozilla Thunderbird je tako&#...

14. Get the Viewer's Screen Resolution
How to get the viewer's screen width and height and use them to help the viewer. Newer browsers allow you to detect the user's screen resolution using the screen.width and screen.height properties

15. Advanced String Handling
...e a is at position '+where_is_a+'.'); Notice the quote marks around the argument of a. This tells the browser to look for that string, which is the type of argument you must send for indexOf to ...

16. The Date Object: with Clocks
...g clock with the seconds ticking away. Of course, how do we get the thing started to begin with? The browser won't just run the startclock() function on its own. It needs some kind of event t...

17. More JavaScript Buttons
Make images work like buttons! If your browser is a version 4 or better, click on the image below. It works in the same way as a form button, but we can use the mouseover effect and customize the

18. Navigation Drop Boxes
...lue=" " attribute to each OPTION tag. You will notice the values are urls. The url is where we want the browser to go when the user selects that option. So, for the first option, <OPTION SELE...

19. Beginning With Forms
(Development/JavaScripts) using "objects" to get what we need. The document, the form, and the text box are all objects in the browser. The addition of the "value" at the end lets us access the value of the text box o...

20. JavaScript and Frames
... the document object, we have to use "parent.right_frame.document.". If you leave out the "document" the browser defaults to using the "window" object, which we will use later on. But for now, we...

21. JavaScript Object Detection
Shorten your code by detecting document objects rather than checking for the browser type. Do you remember the browser detection script we worked on a while back? Then you probably remember how

22. JS Rollovers/Hover Buttons
(Development/JavaScripts) image, changing two images, and changing a single image from a set of links. The first section uses browser detection, the others use object detection (see below). Using a javascript to chang...

23. Preloading Images
...ue (unless the images are large or great in number) your viewers will have the necessary images in their browser's cache before the script starts to run. This way, an image rollover will be less li...

24. The setTimeout Function
...function()". The second parameter is a number. This number is going to be the number of milliseconds the browser should wait before executing your function. Above, we have 1000 milliseconds, which ...

25. Using Link Tags For Scripts
... trick is to go ahead and use the onClick=" " attribute in your link tag. The trick here is to keep the browser from following the actual link after running your script. Here is a sample of using t...

26. Opening a New Window
Open a new browser window with javascript that can look like a fairly plain window or another browser. To open a new window, you will need to use yet another ready-made JavaScript function. Here

27. Redirection
See how to redirect viewers based on the browsers, or how to break frames and/or redirect a viewer to your frames for navigation. Note: Be careful using this if the page you use it on is listed

28. Browser Detection
See how to use browser detection to determine what type of browsers your visitors are using. Browser detection allows you to find out what browser your viewer is using, and then perform a script ba

29. Confirmation Boxes
(Development/JavaScripts) block:   if (where_to== true) else In this case, if the viewer hits the "OK" button, the browser will go to your special page. If the viewer hits the cancel button, the browser tak...

30. JavaScript Prompts
...t itself a string (it's value is a string). That's why we have the plus signs around it....It makes the browser write the first string plus the variable plus the second string. Now, notice the H...

...te something like this: <HEAD> <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> <!--hide from old browsers var name=value; //--> </SCRIPT> </HEAD> Here is...

32. JavaScript Alerts
...bunch of fake links! Here's what all the commands are doing:   onMouseover=" " This tells the browser to execute the command or function inside the double quote marks when...

33. Using Buttons for JavaScripts
...t want to make buttons that don't do anything, so let's look at a javascript command that will make the browser do something when a viewer clicks it: onClick="javascript commands" Just pl...

34. onMouseover: Your first Script
... have to deal with adding the script tag. This little script will write something of your choice to the browser's status bar when you move your mouse over a link. Let's look at the exampl...

35. The Basics- JavaScript Tutorial
...;SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> The language="JavaScript" command is there so the browser can tell the code that follows is in JavaScript and not another scripting language,...

36. What you need to use JavaScript
...ow how to use HTML and be able to edit your HTML documents.   You will need to have a web browser that supports JavaScript. You should use Netscape version 3 or later, ...

37. Standardni WinXP Servisi
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...ze ili u mrezi nema potrebe za dijennje informacija, ni potrebno drzati ovaj servis ukljucenim. ComputerBrowser (svchost.exe) – Servis sluzi za odrzavanje liste racunala oji se nalazi na mrez...

38. Struktura Web Stranice
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
HTML komande se pišu u vidu tzv. tag - ova. Jedan tag je u komanda koja govori našem browseru što i kako napraviti tj. na koji način prikazati sadržaj naših stranice.H

39. Uvod U Perl
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...ak više nego dovoljno, no nudi bojanje koda i direktan prikaz rezultata, bilo kao izlazni tekst, u browseru ili komandnoj liniji. Perl datoteke imaju ekstenziju .pl (ili .cgi) te se smje&sc...

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