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1. What is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...after that Mr Lerdorf released PHP in public on June 8, 1995 to accelerate bug location and improve the code with the help of growing community. This release was named PHP version 2 and already had th...

2. Joomla TrackReferer BOT
...first landing to your site and then transfered through the site, thus you can easily read it in Joomla code. Please comment or suggest modifications. You can contact me using the contact form...

... lot of 404 errors which might compromise my web site indexing. I decided to do some changes in JoomSef code. The plan was to automatically redirect all request urls which may be directories without e...

4. CSS Shorthand Guide
CSS Shorthand Guide Sunday, October 23rd, 2005 Ok. Let’s set the record straight. There is no official guide for each and every CSS shorthand property value. So let’s work together and put one to

...requires some skills. You do that on your own risk. Basically you need to change few lines of code. This tutorial is tested on joomla version 1.0.13Unfortunately NoFollow mambot will not wo...

...ays appear with the address instead of only Please use the follwoing code in a .htaccess file to redirect your url from to Optio...

7. Add url to Favorites / Bookmarks
...nk prompts the user with a dialog box to add the specified URL to the Favorites list. The javascript code mentioned on IE MSDN page doesn't work in other browsers. window.external.AddFavorite(locat...

8. Glossary of Technical Terms
... - Most free web site providers provide a program (editor) to edit the HTML code of web pages online. "Basic" means you edit the ...

...via .htaccess: 1. Create an .htaccess in your virtual host's root directory 2. put the following code in it: # Override PHP settings. The first IfModule is # for Apache 1.3, the second for...

10. JavaScript Timing Events
JavaScript Timing Events With JavaScript, it is possible to execute some code NOT immediately after a function is called, but after a specified time interval. This is called timing events. It

11. Detecting a particular browser
Our next example shows you how to detect a particular browser. As mentioned earlier, this is useful because you could have a page that supports JavaScript for only Netscape 3.0, the

12. PHP - Using Forms
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... perform correctly but it's considered good programming practice to use it. Below is the PHP code used to access form values : <?php if(isset($_POST['se...

13. PHP - Using Functions
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
Using FunctionsReal world applications are usually much larger than the examples above. In has been proven that the best way to develop and maintain a large program is to construct it from

14. PHP - Control Structures
(Development/PHP & MySQL) to use control structures in PHP. I won't go through all just the ones that i will use in the code examples in this site. The control structures are if else while for   ...

15. PHP - Playing With Strings
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...str() <?php $ext = substr(strrchr($filename, '.'), 1); ?> What the above code do is get a chunk of $filename starting from the last dot in $filename then get...

16. PHP - Variable Types
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
Variable Types PHP supports eight primitive types. Four scalar types: boolean : expresses truth value, TRUE or FALSE. Any non zero values and non empty string are also counted as TR

17. PHP Variables
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...utside functions) to be available in function scope you need to use the$global keyword. The code example below shows how to use the $global keyword. <?php $a = 1;...

18. PHP - Using Comments
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
Using Comments Comment is a part of your PHP code that will not be translated by the PHP engine. You can use it to write documentation of your PHP script describing what the code should do

19. Opening & Ending PHP Tags
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
Opening & Ending PHP TagsTo open a block of PHP code in a page you can use one of these four sets of opening and closing tags Opening Tag Closing Tag

20. Installing Apache PHP and MySQL
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...nt like .html or even .asp! The third line is added so that you can view your php file source code in the browser window. Now restart Apache for the changes to take eff...

21. Advanced String Handling
...ok for that string, which is the type of argument you must send for indexOf to function properly. This code will send back the position of the letter a. The alert will say "The a is at position 4." ...

22. The Date Object: with Clocks
...etime=new Date(); As you can see, we are not assigning the new variable a direct value. Instead, the code above defines the variable as a new instance of the date object. This means we can use thi...

23. External JavaScripts
Use an external javascript! Have you been looking for a way to use one page of javascript code on multiple pages, without needing to paste the code into page after page? Well, this is where an e

24. More JavaScript Buttons
...s is the same script I used for the hover buttons, but with a couple of modifications. I updated the code to use object detection, and I added a new function called clickdown() to be used on the...

25. Navigation Drop Boxes
...ue attributes of a text box and a button. We can access the Select Box in the same way. Below is the code used for the drop down box: <FORM name="guideform"> <SELECT name="guidel...

26. Beginning With Forms
... because it will be part of what you need to get to what you want. Take a look at the following form code: <FORM name="coolform"> <INPUT type="text" name="cooltext" value="I am Coo...

27. JavaScript and Frames
(Development/JavaScripts) inside the frameset are "jex13.htm" and "jex14.htm". The left side (jex13.htm) will have this html code:   <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>JavaScript Example 13</TITLE> <...

28. JavaScript Object Detection
Shorten your code by detecting document objects rather than checking for the browser type. Do you remember the browser detection script we worked on a while back? Then you probably remember how

29. JS Rollovers/Hover Buttons
(Development/JavaScripts) for readability, changed some variable names, and added a check for the image object. Here is the code for the HEAD section of your page:     <HEAD> <SCRIPT language="...

30. Preloading Images
...document.images". So, we just need to check for it with an if condition, and then run the preloading code:   <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> <!-- if (document.images) //--> </...

31. The setTimeout Function
...ent.myform.mytext.value="I just change with the time!"; Now, in the BODY section, we simply put the code for the form and the textbox. Remember to give your form and your textbox names. That is...

32. Opening a New Window
...d browser window's history list to the new window. All right, here's an example code for opening a new window: <FORM> <INPUT type="button" value="New Window!"...

33. Passwords
...> </SCRIPT> </HEAD> If you have been through the previous tutorials, most of the code will make sense to you. Let's get to the details of what is going on with this thing: ...

...ove the mouse away, and the status bar clears. Place your mouse here! Now, here's the code that generated the link. See if you can work your way through it. I'll explain it at the...

35. JavaScript Alerts
(Development/JavaScripts) I mentioned a couple of sections ago to set off the JavaScript from the other stuff. Here is the code: <HEAD> <TITLE>Cool JavaScripts</TITLE> <SCRIPT langu...

36. onMouseover: Your first Script
...uot;window.status=' '; return true">Place your mouse here!</A> Keep all of the code above on one line, the line breaks above for the ease of reading the code. This will make t...

37. The Basics- JavaScript Tutorial
...the basic format of a JavaScript so that you can recognize a javascript when you see one in the HTML code. To get started with JavaScript, you will want to be able to see the tag that will set a ...

38. ImageShack right-click - upload
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
ImageShack right-click je extenzija za Firefox koja dopušta korisnicima da uploadaju slike sa drugih web stranica direktno na ImageShack bez da ih prvo sačuvaju (save-ju) lokalno.ImageShac

39. How to remove DRM protection
Digital Rights Management (DRM) is an umbrella term referring to technologies used by publishers or copyright owners to control access to or usage of digital data or hardware, and to restrictions asso

40. FairUse Wizard Tutorijal (ripanje DVD-a)
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...enkoderima (možemo korisiti i FFDSHOW enkoder postavke).FairUse Wizard Tutorijal (ripanje DVD-a) Razne codece i codec packove uključujući i K-Lite Codec Pack možete naći na http://www....

41. Send anonymous emails
How to send anonymous emails. First you neet to get *remailer list. Read more for complete process.First you neet to get *remailer list. * What is remailers ->

42. 40Tude Dialog Tips & Tricks
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
Na prvi pogled reader je malo kompliciran i tesko prihvatljiv za one koji su naucili radit na Outlook Expressu. Ima masu jako korisnik opcija, samo sto malo ljudi zna za njih. Ispod su naveden neke ko

43. PHP & MySQL
(Category Blog)
Tutorials, code examples, tips and tricks for PHP and MySQL development.

44. JavaScripts
(Category Blog)
Code snippets, tutorials and tricks for JavaScrip language.

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