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1. What is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... ground for professional web applications. A Web application can be anything from a simple "contact us" form or visitors counter on a website through to a fully-featured “blogging” system, online shop...

2. Joomla TrackReferer BOT
...n is 0.1.0 This is a very very simple BOT. I needed a simple tool to track visitors when using contact form, and decided to publish it here. I hope that at least one of the visitors might find this u...

3. najvazniji SEO savjeti za optimizaciju stranice
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...nice na Google, Yahoo, MSN i ostale poznatije tražilice (mape stranica se uobičajeno predaju u XML formatu). 4. Ponudite mapu stranice vašim posjetiteljima putem internog linka za lakšu navigaci...

4. Kratka (shorthand) sintaksa CSS svojstva
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...niji. 1. Kratki zapis font svojstva   Windows Macintosh Sve platforme Ostalo Browser IE4 IE5.0 IE5.5 IE6 IE7 ...

5. Add url to Favorites / Bookmarks
...ross IE, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Browsers. Template Tags for Blogger, Movable Type and Wordpress platform are commented. <script language="JavaScript1.2" type="text/javascript"> function Cre... outgoing links. Please comment or suggest modifications. You can contact me using the contact form. The latest version is 1.0.0 New release with many new features coming soon! TO-D...

7. Glossary of Technical Terms
... Applet - A small Java program which is cross-platform compatible and can be embedded in the HTML of a web page. Web b...

8. NTLDR is Missing
...ROM properly. Verify the jumpers are set properly on the CD-ROM drive. Additional information: This error has also been known to occur when a memory stick is in a ca...

(Projects/Web Sites)
...kog fakulteta u Zagrebu (Web MEFa). Nakon duge izrade portal je postavljen s ciljem pružanja korisnih informacija studentima medicinskog fakulteta. ... table for all ips bound to the server. top : shows live system processes in a nice table, memory information, uptime and other useful info. This is excellent for managing your system processes,...

11. JavaScript Timing Events
...;script type="text/javascript"> function timedMsg() </script> </head> <body> <form> <input type="button" value="Display timed alertbox!" onClick="timedMsg()"> </f...

12. Detecting a particular browser
... if the version is 3.0. If the version is a beta version, we display the whole browser information with its platform, and alert the user that he or she is not using a Netscap...

13. Displaying page update information
...ost recent update on your pages? Well, here's how: Displaying automatic page update information <HTML><HEAD></HEAD><TITLE> Displaying Update Info&lt...

14. tweak memorije za bolje performanse
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
tweak memorije za bolje performanse za ovo će vam trebati najmanje 512MB RAMa. start -> run -> regedit i odite ovdje: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\S

...ocuments. Kopirajte cijeli direktorij na proizvoljnu lokaciju koja je na particiji koja neće biti formatirana. Favorites: Nalaze se u C:\Documents and Settings\<IME KORISNIKA>\Favorit...

16. PHP - Using Forms
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
Using FormsUsing forms in a web based application is very common. Most forms are used to gather information like in a signup form, survey / polling, guestbook, etc. A form can have t

17. PHP - Playing With Strings
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...slashes before characters that need to be quoted in $string This function is usually used on form values before being used for database queries. You will see this function used a lot ...

18. PHP - Variable Types
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...ion I often used. The print_r() function. Given an array this function will print the values in a format that shows keys and elements <?php $myarray = array(1, 2...

19. PHP Variables
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...e this : or set the a form method as method="get" <?php echo "My name is <br>"; echo...

20. Installing Apache PHP and MySQL
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... Apache, MySQL, PHP ). You will learn how to install Apache, PHP, and MySQL under Windows platform.   The first step is to download the packages : Apache : www.apache....

Kako prebaciti tekst i slike iz Microsoft Worda u PDF format Ponekad će vam možda zatrebati da prebacite neki tekstualni dokument u PDF format.U biti, taj tekst uopće ne mora biti u Wor

22. Uvod u Wi-Fi
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...Mbps. Poslje je Vic Hayes s tim osmislio standarde za Wi-Fi 802.11b, 802.11a i 802.11g. Kao sve u informatičkom svijetu, Wi-Fi radi u binarnom obliku, tj. sve se pretvara u 0 i 1. Standa...

23. Kako u Wordu pisati matematicke formule
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
Kako u Wordu pisati matematičke formule Ako u Wordu hoćete napravit šalabahter iz matematike vjerojatno će vam trebati korjeni, potencije, razlomci itd. Otvorite Microsoft Word i

24. Kako izbrisati Windowse ali ostaviti svoje datoteke.
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...C:\WINNT C:\RECYCLED C:\RECYCLER C:\WUTEMP C:\PROGRAM FILES C:\SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION C:\*.* (drugim riječima sve datoteke u rootu, ali ne sve foldere) 4) Id...

25. Statistics - ispisivanje svjedodzbi
...dows XP Service Pack 2 - popravljeni bugovi na svjedodžbi, diplomi i pozicioniranju glavne formu nakon instalacije. - popravljeni bugovi na grafu, wizardima i pozicioni...

26. Advanced String Handling
...o tell us that what we are looking for is not there. This can be helpful when you ask a viewer for information, but the viewer does not type the information with a required character or set of c...

27. The Math Object
The JavaScript Math object allows you to perform various calculations using its member functions. This two-part tutorial takes you through the use of the Math object, and then how to use the M

28. The Date Object: with Clocks
... function startclock() //--> </SCRIPT> </HEAD> <BODY onLoad="startclock()"> <FORM name="clockform"> Current Time: <INPUT TYPE="text" name="clockspot" size="15"> &lt...

29. More JavaScript Buttons
...ns! If your browser is a version 4 or better, click on the image below. It works in the same way as a form button, but we can use the mouseover effect and customize the color. Give it a try: ...

30. Navigation Drop Boxes
... We can access the Select Box in the same way. Below is the code used for the drop down box: <FORM name="guideform"> <SELECT name="guidelinks"> <OPTION SELECTED value="jex6...

31. Beginning With Forms
Start using JavaScript with forms! You can do many things with javascript using your forms. Great, you say, but where does one figure out how to access those form elements with javascript? Well

32. JavaScript and Frames
...t;HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>JavaScript Example 13</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <FORM> <INPUT type="button" value="What is cool?" onClick="parent.right_frame.document....

33. JS Rollovers/Hover Buttons
...elow, and explain the script in parts afterward. I got this script from a free script page, did some formatting for readability, changed some variable names, and added a check for the image obje...

34. Preloading Images
...owser which doesn't support the image object. So, to be on the safe side you may wish to implement a form of Browser Detection or Object Detection to keep from giving the older browsers a javasc...

35. JavaScript Arrays
... However, a better way may be to use an array. To define an array, we need to follow the following form: var Name_of_Array= new Array(number_of_elements); Name_of_Array would be the name ...

36. The setTimeout Function
...hide function newtext() function moretext() //--> </SCRIPT> </HEAD> <BODY> <FORM name="myform"> <INPUT type="text" name="mytext" value="Not Much Here." size="30"> ...

37. Opening a New Window
...y list to the new window. All right, here's an example code for opening a new window: <FORM> <INPUT type="button" value="New Window!" onClick="'jscript/jex5.htm'...

38. Browser Detection
...ors are using. Browser detection allows you to find out what browser your viewer is using, and then perform a script based on it-- or just to send a friendly message to those with your favorite br...

39. Confirmation Boxes
(Development/JavaScripts) confirmation box can be a handy way to give your visitors a choice of whether or not an action is performed. A confirmation box will pop up much like an alert box, but will allow the viewer to p...

... If you declare something as null, it means nothing. Not even zero, just plain nothing. Here's the format: var mymoney=null; Well, nothingness isn't so great in this case, but it can b...

41. JavaScript Alerts
... where you want the button to be on your page. You won't need the SCRIPT tag for this one. <FORM> <INPUT type="button" value="Click here to see what I think of YOU!" onClick="a...

42. Using Buttons for JavaScripts
... will first need to know how to place a button on the page. To do this, you will need to use the <FORM> tags around the button tag. Here is an example of the HTML that will place a button ...

43. onMouseover: Your first Script
...e's what is happening with the onMouseover command:   onMouseover=" " This is the form of the onMouseover command. The browser expects another command or function ...

44. The Basics- JavaScript Tutorial
See the basic format of a JavaScript so that you can recognize a javascript when you see one in the HTML code. To get started with JavaScript, you will want to be able to see the tag that will se

...o je nekim poznatijim Windows aplikacijama (Office, Word, Windows Explorer) te korisnik sa minimalnim informatičkim obrazovanjem može jednostavno i bez teškoće koristiti.  «Help» sustav...

46. Mail to SMS
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...liko sekundi bi vam trebala doći sms poruka u kojoj ćete dobiti lozinku. Nakon toga ispunite formular sa osnovnim podacima te završite registraciju. Nakon završetka registra...

47. 10 naj PC trikova
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...aron;to smo već rekli postoji mnoštvo softvera koji vam nude održavanje računala u top formi. Znači razne optimizacije, čišćenja i ubrzanja, kako računala t...

48. Multiboot: windows, linux i macOS na jednoj masini
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...mary FAT32 particiju 5. staviš mac os x, resetiraš komp 6. instaliraš mac os x na FAT32 particiju kao format HFS+ (journalized) 7. nakon instalacije mac os x, ponovo ideš u boot loader pokreneš dis...

49. Izrada Tihe Instalacije Programa
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
Tutorial - Izrada Tihe Instalacije Programa. Kako napraviti (modificirati) instalaciju određenog programa na način da vas ne pita što želite gdje snimiti i sl...Tutorial - Izrada Tihe

50. Standardni WinXP Servisi
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...era izmedu racunala unutar mreze. Ako racunalo nije unutar mreze ili u mrezi nema potrebe za dijennje informacija, ni potrebno drzati ovaj servis ukljucenim. ComputerBrowser (svchost.exe) – S...

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