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1. What is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... much traffic his page was getting. He combined these binaries and created so called PHP/FI, which had more functionality. PHP/FI (Form Interpreter) included a larger implementation for the C programm...

... with error code your Joomla root directory and open this file components/com_sef/sef_ext.php Find function revert() in class sef_joomsef. Look for this code if ($row) else if ($row) el...

...ambot will not work on menu items in your Joomla because there is no Mambot event I could attach parsing functions to. There fore I came up with an idea to solve the issue. You'll have to edit...

4. Add url to Favorites / Bookmarks
... Type and Wordpress platform are commented. <script language="JavaScript1.2" type="text/javascript"> function CreateBookmarkLink() else if( window.external ) else if(window.opera && ...

5. Glossary of Technical Terms
... for anyone but the most basic users. If you would like a more fully functional website with special features, hire a real web design...

6. JavaScript Timing Events
JavaScript Timing Events With JavaScript, it is possible to execute some code NOT immediately after a function is called, but after a specified time interval. This is called timing events. It

7. Measuring users' time on a page
...f your homepage how much time they have spent on your page. To do that, first we create a function called person_in(). This function creates a new date instance which is cal...

8. PHP - Using Functions
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
Using FunctionsReal world applications are usually much larger than the examples above. In has been proven that the best way to develop and maintain a large program is to construct it from

9. PHP - Control Structures
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...ven that the best way to develop and maintain a large program is to construct it from smaller pieces (functions) each of which is more manageable than the original program. A function...

10. PHP - Playing With Strings
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...uess it's a good idea to take a better look at this creature. We will also take a peek at some string functions that you might find useful for everyday coding. Creating a string ...

11. PHP - Variable Types
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... And finally two special types: resource ( one example is the return value of mysql_connect() function) NULL   In PHP an array can have numeric key, associative key ...

12. PHP Variables
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...variable which is defined in different scope. The script below will not produce any output because the function Test() declares no $a variable. The echo statement looks for a local ve...

13. Installing Apache PHP and MySQL
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...hown below.   <?php phpinfo(); ?> phpinfo() is the infamous PHP function which will spit out all kinds of stuff about PHP and your server configur...

14. File Tools
This is a very simple tool for automating various file routines. This alpha release has only two functions.   Functions: 1) Filename copy (will create clones of files without copying file data) 2

15. Advanced String Handling
...e longer than what you want them to be- for example:   <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> <!-- function getname() else alert('Hi '+yourname+'!'); } //--> </SCRIPT> Give ...

16. The Math Object
The JavaScript Math object allows you to perform various calculations using its member functions. This two-part tutorial takes you through the use of the Math object, and then how to use the M

17. The Date Object: with Clocks
... To begin, we must discuss the javascript date object. This works a bit differently than the pre-defined functions we have used in past scripts. To use the method functions of the date object, we ...

18. External JavaScripts
...o paste the code into page after page? Well, this is where an external javascript can help! You can call functions from an external javascript on any page that you put the special <SCRIPT>...

19. More JavaScript Buttons
(Development/JavaScripts)'s look at the HTML first this time (the reverse of my normal routine!). You will see that we can call a function on each event: <A href="javascript:void(0)" onMouseover="lightup('pic1')" on...

20. Beginning With Forms
... button is clicked. For the above form, we can simply add a button at the end, and use the old "onClick" function to perform a javascript. Here is the sample code: <FORM name="coolform1"&...

21. JS Rollovers/Hover Buttons
...     <HEAD> <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> <!-- if (document.images) function lightup(imgName) } function turnoff(imgName) } //--> </SCRIPT> &lt...

22. JavaScript Arrays
...ript in action is a bit annoying. You can write this script in the head section. We will make this into a function, and call it from a link (the link must be in the body): <HEAD> <SC...

23. The setTimeout Function
...ings happen with time delays rather than needing a click or a mouseover every time you want to execute a function. So, you want to set things to happen after a certain amount of time? Well, the se...

24. Using Link Tags For Scripts
...s. I'll start with the easier to understand version first. The first method is to access a javascript function within the HREF attribute of your link tag. So, if you want to link to another p...

25. Opening a New Window
...window or another browser. To open a new window, you will need to use yet another ready-made JavaScript function. Here is what it looks like:'url to open','window name','attr...

26. Redirection
...ameset page using a script like this:   <HEAD> <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> <!-- function getgoing() if (top.frames.length==0) //--> </SCRIPT> </H...

27. Browser Detection
...t to grab just the integer from the version information (2,3,4, etc.). To do this, we use the parseInt() function:   var browserVer=parseInt(navigator.appVersion); Now, it returns only ...

28. Confirmation Boxes
...a fun trip to the Barbie web site! To make use of it though, you'll probably want to write a JavaScript function in your head section that you can call in the body of the page. You could place...

In a two-part section, we jump into the world of creating variables and functions. Then we look at some javascript operators and conditional statements. Now it's time to get into some really fu

30. JavaScript Alerts
...nds are doing:   onMouseover=" " This tells the browser to execute the command or function inside the double quote marks when the user moves their mouse over the link. &nbsp...

31. onMouseover: Your first Script
... " This is the form of the onMouseover command. The browser expects another command or function inside the quote marks.   window.status='Hi there!' This command ins...

32. The Basics- JavaScript Tutorial
... a normal tag. Just remember to close each tag before you go on! Also, if you are going to use JavaScript functions (we will get to these later on) , you will need to place your functions inside t...

33. JavaScript: Vidljivost (Scope)
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...iti lokalnu varijablu koja je vidljiva samo unutar te funkcije, morate je deklarirati pomocu var izjave: function suma() U ovom primjeru varijabla i je lokalna za funkciju suma() , dok je vari...

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