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1. What is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... was named PHP version 2 and already had the basic functionality that PHP has today. This included Perl-like variables, form handling, and the ability to embed into HTML. The code syntax was similar t...

2. najvazniji SEO savjeti za optimizaciju stranice
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...iječi sekcija, kategorija i naslova vaših stranica iskoristite tu mogućnost. SEO linkovi uvelike pomažu za bolje rangiranje na web tražilicama. Neke tražilice mogu imati i problema sa ind...

... urls which may be directories without ending slashes, to same urls with glued index.html If you would like to add such compatibility to your JoomSef component read the following. Please note that my...

4. CSS Shorthand Guide
... pay a little more close attention when you’re styling elements that come with default browser styles like <h1> - <h6> or <strong> and <em>. For example, styling the strong ...  and search for the following code (should be around line #112) you should find something like this: $mitem->name = stripslashes( ampReplace($mitem->name) ); add this code right...

6. Add url to Favorites / Bookmarks
Most web browsers like Firefox (Ctrl+D), Opera (Ctrl+T) and IE (Ctrl+D) provide keyboard shortcuts to enable users bookmark their favorite pages. But not every visitor is a power user, so for t

7. Glossary of Technical Terms
(Development/Tutorials) not really recommended for anyone but the most basic users. If you would like a more fully functional website with special features, ...

8. SEO optimizacija - indexiranje
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...jos nije dokazano. Imajte na umu i to da “speeder” vasu stranicu vidi samo kao text odnosno nikakve slike niti dizajn stranice nece utjecati na sam sadrzaj koji ce ljudi moci pronaci putem googlea...

9. NTLDR is Missing
...ttempting to boot from a floppy diskette and are receiving this error message it is likely that the diskette does not have all the necessary files and/or is corrupt....

...mplete list of SSH commands or linux shell commands, but commands, we found, often used. If you would like to add to this guide, please email us and let us know. Common SSH Commands or Linux Shell...

11. JavaScript Timing Events
...of setTimeout() is a string that contains a JavaScript statement. This statement could be a statement like "alert('5 seconds!')" or a call to a function, like "alertMsg()". The second parameter ...

12. Rjesenje za Cannot delete file
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...zanim sa ovim koji je trebalo izbrisati. Zatim sam upotrebio komandu D:\>RD \\.\D:\z_FTP\anyone\SLIKEL~1 /s poslije čega sam dobio poruku: \\.\D:\z_FTP\anyone\SLIKEL~1, Are you sure (Y/N...

13. Stare DOS igre na vasem novom racunalu
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
... i postavke za svaku igru, i preko njega pokrećete DOSBox. Nije nužan za pokretanje igara ali uvelike olakšava posao, IMNSHO. Ja osobno koristim DOSBox v0.63 te D-Fend, i iako ne...

14. PHP - Using Forms
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...sUsing forms in a web based application is very common. Most forms are used to gather information like in a signup form, survey / polling, guestbook, etc. A form can have the method ...

15. PHP - Using Functions
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... When calling a function you usually provide the same number of argument as in the declaration. Like in the function above you usually call it like this : $result = addition(5, 10);...

16. PHP - Control Structures
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... When calling a function you usually provide the same number of argument as in the declaration. Like in the function above you usually call it like this : $result = addition(5, 10);...

17. PHP - Playing With Strings
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... a long string and for the sake of readability you have to cut it into two you can do it just like the example below. Actually if you need to write a loong string and you want to write...

18. PHP - Variable Types
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
.... The value of an array can be of any type. To create an array use the array() language construct like this. <?php $numbers = array(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6); $age = ar...

19. PHP Variables
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...cript via HTTP GET. You can supply GET variables into a PHP script by appending the script's URL like this : or...

20. Opening & Ending PHP Tags
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...If you forget to use semicolon or use colon instead after a command you will get an error message like this Parse error: parse error, unexpected ':', expecting ',' or ';' in c...

21. Installing Apache PHP and MySQL
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... you browser and type http://localhost in the address bar. You should see something like this :   By default Apache's document root is set to htdo...

Kako prebaciti tekst i slike iz Microsoft Worda u PDF format Ponekad će vam možda zatrebati da prebacite neki tekstualni dokument u PDF format.U biti, taj tekst uopće ne mora biti u Wor

23. DC++ podesavanja i upute za koristenje
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...tog Peer To Peer. DC++ vam omogućuje da sa bilo kime u svijetu razmjenite muziku, filmove, slike i sve ostalo. Mnogi od vas su čuli da je DC++ vjerojatno najbolji p2p program. Veliki...

24. Statistics - ispisivanje svjedodzbi
...a, razreda itd. te još mnogo toga...   Aplikacija je dizajnirana za gimnazije Republike Hrvatske. Ideja je razviti aplikaciju i za ostale škole.      > Online...

25. Advanced String Handling
... First, let's find the 'a'. No problem, again we use the dot operator. IndexOf also takes an argument like charAt does, but this time the argument is the character or string we are looking for: ...

26. The Math Object
... If you want to use a property, which returns a constant value (such as pi), you would write something like this: var; You would replace the word "property" with the prop...

27. The Date Object: with Clocks
...section on the date object, using the creation of two javascript clocks as examples. Now, you would like to have a clock for your web page- but how do you go about coding such a clock with JavaSc...

28. External JavaScripts
... that you put the special <SCRIPT></SCRIPT> tags on. So, what do these special tags look like? They look like a plain script tag, but they use an extra attribute: The src="http://som...

29. More JavaScript Buttons
Make images work like buttons! If your browser is a version 4 or better, click on the image below. It works in the same way as a form button, but we can use the mouseover effect and customize the

30. Navigation Drop Boxes
... access the first option directly. Well, now we can get to the value attribute of the first option like this: document.guideform.guidelinks.options[0].value The value would be "jex6.htm"....

31. Beginning With Forms
...types something else.....OR..... if you were to change it with javascript! Here is what the box looks like:   You can go up there and type something else if you like......just keep ...

32. JavaScript and Frames
(Development/JavaScripts) how to change two frames at the same time. JavaScript and Frames. Frames and JavaScript. Sounds like a mess doesn't it? Well, it does make things a bit more complicated. Let's see if we can ...

33. JS Rollovers/Hover Buttons
...begin, you will need to make yourself two images of the same size, making whatever changes you would like to the second one. Below is an example where I chose to make an image with blue text and...

34. Preloading Images
...ges in their browser's cache before the script starts to run. This way, an image rollover will be less likely to make the viewers wait for the browser to download the second image, because it is in...

35. JavaScript Arrays
...out 5 quotes, and use variables for each one of the quotes. You could define 5 variables: quote1="I like JavaScript."; quote2="I used to like Java."; quote3="JavaScript rules."; quote4="H...

36. Using Link Tags For Scripts
Use the link tag instead of a button to access your javascripts. If you like links better than buttons, this is the place to be. I get this question so much, I figured I'd better get in gear and

37. Opening a New Window
Open a new browser window with javascript that can look like a fairly plain window or another browser. To open a new window, you will need to use yet another ready-made JavaScript function. Here

38. Redirection
... page is inside a frame. So, you could take the viewer back to your main frameset page using a script like this:   <HEAD> <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> <!-- function getgoin...

39. Browser Detection
... this, you could make a script to alert people as to what browser they are using (just to bug them). Like this:   <HEAD> <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> <!-- var browserName=na...

40. Confirmation Boxes
...your visitors a choice of whether or not an action is performed. A confirmation box will pop up much like an alert box, but will allow the viewer to press an "OK" or "Cancel" button. Here is the...

41. Passwords
(Development/JavaScripts) and your page can be seen if someone gets through. Do NOT protect anything important with a script like this. Try looking for a CGI Script or ask your web host to set up an .htpassword file if yo...

... head section of your document. To declare a variable in JavaScript, you will write something like this: <HEAD> <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> <!--hide from old br...

43. Using Buttons for JavaScripts
...k="javascript commands" Just place this command inside the INPUT tag you created the button with, like this: <INPUT type="button" value="Click Me" name="button1" onClick=" "> Now, ...

44. The Basics- JavaScript Tutorial
...begin and end a script are the <SCRIPT> and </SCRIPT> tags. The opening tag should appear like this: <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> The language="JavaScript&qu...

...; Klikom na novu bazu podataka otvarate «Čarobnjaka za stvaranje nove baze podataka» kojim si uvelike olakšavate unošenje podatka. «Čarobnjak» je tipični «wizard», odnosno dio program...

46. Kako vidit zabranjenjene slike sa imageshacka
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
Kako vidit zabranjenjene slike sa imageshacka. Nervira vas imageshack "žaba" koja se prikazuje na domenama koje su presle bandwidth limit?--> Mozilla Firefox, Netscape 1) Otvorite ab

47. ImageShack right-click - upload
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
ImageShack right-click je extenzija za Firefox koja dopušta korisnicima da uploadaju slike sa drugih web stranica direktno na ImageShack bez da ih prvo sačuvaju (save-ju) lokalno.ImageShac

48. How to remove DRM protection
... DRM --> Automate unDRM v1.0 If you like you can test this package. All credit goes to: (inoyan, lark and taku) The authors of drm...

49. Standardni WinXP Servisi
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
... se svi linkovi na tu datoteku azuriraju kako treba. Na kucnim racunalima, kao i u malim mrezama nema velike potreba za ovim servisom tako da mozete biti iskljucen. DNS Client (svchost.exe) –...

50. FairUse Wizard Tutorijal (ripanje DVD-a)
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...9;aptera tako da on nije uključen. Frejmove najpreciznije možete podesiti desno od timline ispod slike filma, imate lijevo i desno pa možete pomicati slider frame po frame. Slika 6. - Cr...

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