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1. What is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... was originally an acronym for Personal Home Page. In early 1994 Mr Rasmus Lerdorf, a Danish programmer used to administer and maintain his personal home page. He soon found out the lack of support to...

2. Zaobljeni obrubi sa sjenom u CSS-u
(Development/Hrvatski tutorijali)
...o repeat it vertically. The CSS affected is the following, with the measurements from the diagram used instead of actual values: /* Top border and right corner */ .bt /* Top left corner */ .b...

3. CSS Shorthand Guide
...tten as shorthand: outline shorthand property element List-style This is it. The last one. Itís rarely used frequently. Hence rarely. That is why I kept it until the end (sorry, the best was first i...

4. Glossary of Technical Terms
...ves. Usually the username "anonymous" should be used, and either the password is provided by the FTP server, or anyt...

5. NTLDR is Missing
... Computer is booting from a non-bootable source Many times this error is caused when the computer is attempting to boot from a non-bootable floppy disk or ...

We've put together some of the more frequently used SSH commands or linux shell commands, and organized them by name so you can easily find a command, their description and how to use it. This guide

7. JavaScript Timing Events
... is called timing events. It's very easy to time events in JavaScript. The two key methods that are used are: setTimeout() - executes a code some time in the future clearTimeout() - cancels th...

8. Detecting a particular browser
...or she is not using a Netscape 3.0 browser. Notice that before we closed the if statement, we used the history.back() statement. It is used so that when the user presse...

9. PHP - Using Forms
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
Using FormsUsing forms in a web based application is very common. Most forms are used to gather information like in a signup form, survey / polling, guestbook, etc. A form can have t

10. PHP - Control Structures
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...d as FALSE, which is not the behaviour that I want. While Loop The while() statement is used to execute a piece of code repeatedly as long as the while expresssion evaluates as t...

11. PHP - Playing With Strings
(Development/PHP & MySQL) backslashes before characters that need to be quoted in $string This function is usually used on form values before being used for database queries. You will see this function use...

12. PHP - Variable Types
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
... echo "mixed[2] = "; ?> When working with arrays there is one function I often used. The print_r() function. Given an array this function will print the values in a form...

13. Opening & Ending PHP Tags
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...he example above shows how to insert PHP code into an HTML file. It also shows the echo statement used to output a string. See that the echo statement ends with a semicolon. Every co...

14. Installing Apache PHP and MySQL
(Development/PHP & MySQL)
...pache will use index.php. In case index.php is also not found then main.php will be used.   Installing PHP First, extract the PHP package ...

15. Advanced String Handling
(Development/JavaScripts) by looking at two of the JavaScript methods for strings. These two methods, charAt and indexOf, are used to find out what character is at a certain position in a string and to find out where a ch...

16. The Math Object
... Math.SQRT1_2 Returns the square root of 1/2 Below is a table of some of the commonly used member functions of the Math object. These functions calculate values based on the param...

17. The Date Object: with Clocks
...iscuss the javascript date object. This works a bit differently than the pre-defined functions we have used in past scripts. To use the method functions of the date object, we must create what is c...

18. External JavaScripts
(Development/JavaScripts)"></SCRIPT> The SRC attribute names a source for the javascript to be used. The script must be saved with the extension .js as a plain text file. So, let's g...

19. More JavaScript Buttons
... use a few more mouse events. This button uses the onMouseover and onMouseout, and two new ones: onMouseDown and onMouseUp. These work in much the same way, they are just call when a viewer clic...

20. Navigation Drop Boxes
...tributes of a text box and a button. We can access the Select Box in the same way. Below is the code used for the drop down box: <FORM name="guideform"> <SELECT name="guidelinks"...

21. Beginning With Forms
...add on the name of the text box: document.coolform.cooltext Again, the name of the text box was used. We had named it "cooltext". Now, we can access the value of the text box, which is wha...

22. Preloading Images
Preload your images with javascript so that they can be used more quickly when you have an image script. Typically used with a rollover script. Preloading images is a technique often used in Rol

23. JavaScript Arrays
... them and some basic uses of arrays. It then goes on to cover associative arrays and how they can be used. Arrays are one way of keeping a program more organized. They allow you to do some things ...

24. Using Link Tags For Scripts
(Development/JavaScripts) tag: <A href="newpage.htm" onClick="newwindow();return false">Click Here!</A> I used the same script we had written in the head section for the first method, but I used it i...

25. Redirection
...are unsure, don't try this-- or contact the search engine for their rules. Redirection is often used to take viewers to a page depending on their browser's name or version. To redirect a vi...

26. Browser Detection
... just to send a friendly message to those with your favorite browser. There are two objects often used for this, the navigator.appName and navigator.appVersion objects. The first one returns the...

...y get error city instead of nifty effects.... Semicolons Don't forget those semicolons! They are used to separate JavaScript commands and declarations, and can also cause error city if they ...

28. Using Buttons for JavaScripts
A two-part section on using buttons to make something happen. The buttons can be used in many ways, even as forward and back buttons. To write scripts using buttons, we will first need to know how

29. onMouseover: Your first Script
Make something happen by surprise. Well, it used to be a surprise, but it is used quite a bit now. Well, its time to try out your first javascript. This one is nice because we don't have to dea

30. The Basics- JavaScript Tutorial
...aScript, you will want to be able to see the tag that will set a script apart from the HTML. The tags used to begin and end a script are the <SCRIPT> and </SCRIPT> tags. The opening ta...

31. How to remove DRM protection
Digital Rights Management (DRM) is an umbrella term referring to technologies used by publishers or copyright owners to control access to or usage of digital data or hardware, and to restrictions asso

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