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This simple plugin/mambot will parse all outgoing links in any article/content and give them the nofollow attribute. This is useful for SEO/PR optimization. GoogleBot wont leave your site by following outgoing links.

Please comment or suggest modifications. You can contact me using the contact form.

The latest version is 1.0.0
joomla 1.0 compatible

New release with many new features coming soon!

TO-DO list:
  • add url whitelist and blacklist compatibility
  • add special triggers for explicitly activating or deactivating mambot for special article.

You may download plugin here


First download package from above link.
Then upload it to your Joomla Backend using Mambot installer.
After you receive success message navigate to mambot list and publish Nofollow bot.

Please note: that mambot can't handle Joomla menu items, only articles/content. If you want to enable that feature please read this
Change Log:

1.0 - small bug with variable name syntax is now fixed.

1.0 - NoFollow mambot released.


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